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KGHM International Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.(WSE:KGH), focused on growth in copper, and other metals.

We operate mines in Canada, the USA and Chile and are currently constructing the Sierra Gorda copper-molybdenum project in Chile and actively progressing the Victoria project, our newest discovery in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. KGHM International employs approximately 3,500 people in North and South America.

KGHM International produces copper, nickel and precious metals from its operating mines: Robinson in Nevada, Carlota in Arizona, Franke in northern Chile, and Levack, which includes the Morrison Deposit and McCreedy West in Sudbury, Ontario. The Company has two key development projects: the Sierra Gorda project, a copper-molybdenum project in Chile, and the Victoria project, a polymetallic project in Sudbury, Ontario.

In its initial first five years of production, Sierra Gorda is estimated to produce an average of 50 million contained pounds per year of molybdenum - approximately 10% of the global metal’s supply. Located less than 4 kilometers from the town of Sierra Gorda, in Region II, Northern Chile, this project has commenced construction and pre-stripping in preparation for production in 2014. Under its current plans it will produce an average of 25 million pounds per annum of molybdenum in concentrate over the life of the mine.

KGHM International Group also provides services under the brand name of DMC Mining Services in respect to mine shaft sinking, preparatory works, construction of surface and underground mine structures, mining drilling, drilling of tunnels for civil engineering, feasibility studies and designing.

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