Dr. David S. Robertson Scholarship Fund

Dr. David S. Robertson, a giant of geology, was well-respected geologist and CIM Past President (1993-1994). Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on March 3, 1924, David graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1946 with a degree in physical chemistry and geology and went on to receive his PhD in geology from Columbia University in 1949. After graduating, he became an assistant professor at the University of Virginia. David moved to Sudbury, Ontario, in 1951 to run the geological research laboratory of Inco.

Then in 1953, he moved to Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he was in charge of a post-WWII Marshall Plan mapping initiative. He returned to Canada in 1955 and joined the consulting firm GMX Corporation, of which he became the president in 1958. During his time with GMX, he led an exploration team that discovered numerous uranium deposits in Elliot Lake, Ontario.

In 1965, David founded David Robertson & Associates, a mining consulting practice based in Toronto with offices around the world. His firm became well-known for its work in uranium and potash.

David retired from the firm in 1987. For the next 20 years, he continued working as an independent consultant and served on the boards of junior and senior mining companies. He was the founding chairman of Ashton Mining of Canada and Meridian Gold.

David was a towering figure in the mining industry. In 2014, he was inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame. He was also particularly involved in CIM, serving as CIM President from 1993 to 1994 and eventually becoming a CIM Life Member. Dr. David Robertson passed away Oct. 27, 2016, in Toronto.

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Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients :

2023 . Paige Pilot, Sudbury, ON (Laurentian University)
2022 . Kaiyuan Wang, Montreal, QC (McGill University)
2021 . Mitchell Maracle, Wolfville, NS (Acadia University)
2020 . Kale Wood, Saskatoon, SK (University of Saskatoon)
2019 . Kayla Soini, Sudbury, Ontario (Laurentian U.)
2019 . Daniel Stasolla, Winnipeg, Manitoba (U. of Manitoba)
2018 . Dominick Mallette, Calgary, Alberta (U. of Calgary)
2017 . Évelyne Sunatori, Québec, Québec (U. Laval)