CIMF Governance

The CIMF is administered by a volunteer Board of nine Trustees, many of which are past presidents of CIM. New Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in conjunction with the CIM Annual Meeting in May. Audited financial statements are prepared annually and approved by the Members at their AGM. All individuals who have donated annually are Foundation Members.




Tom Broddy, FCIM
CIM Distinguished Services Award 2015
CIM Western Distinguished Services Award 2015
Chair, CIM AGM Vancouver 2016
Chair, CIM Surface Mining Society 2013-15
Chair, CIM Vancouver Branch 2010-12
North Vancouver, British Columbia




Jacqueline Allison, CFA, Ph.D., P.Geo., FCIM
CIM Council Member, 2020-22
CIM Council Executive Committee Member, since 2020
Chair MES, since 2020
Toronto, ON


Carlos da Costa, M.Sc., Ph.D., FCIM
Chair, CIM MES Vancouver Chapter, since 2011
Chair, CIM MES Society, 2015-20
CIM Council Member, 2015-20
Vancouver, BC


René Dufour,  P.Eng., FCIM
CIMF Trustee Emeritus since 2015
CIMF Chair 1991-1997
CIMF Trustee since 1988
CIMF Founding Member 1972
CIM President 1988-1989
Montreal, Québec


John Hoffert, B.A., Sc., P.Eng., (retired) FCIM
Kamloops, British Columbia




Tracy Holmes, P.Eng.
Georgetown, Ontario




Joel Kapusta, Ph.D., FCIM
President, MetSoc 2007-08
CIM Council member, 2007-09
Montreal, Québec



Jessie Liu-Ernsting, P.Eng., MBA
Co-Chair, CIM MES Toronto Chapter, since 2017
Executive, CIM Convention Technical Committee, since 2014
CIM Bedford Canadian Mining Young Leader, 2021
Oakville, Ontario


Zoltan Lukacs, P.Eng., FCIM
Chair, Surface Mining Society, 2015-18
Chair, Society for Innovation in Mining and Technology, 2010-11
CIM VP Western District, 2008-10
Chair, Crowsnest Branch, 1990-91
Calgary, AB


Nathan M. Stubina, Ph.D., P. Eng., FCIM
VP, CIM International, 2011-16
President, MetSoc, 2009-10
CIM Distinguished Lecturer, 2019-20
Oakville, ON