Caterpillar Inc. and its Canadian Dealers Scholarship

Sara I. Schabert of Calgary Alberta was the recipient of the 2003 Caterpillar and its Canadian Dealers Scholarship. In 2007, Sara joined for Caterpillar Global Mining and is now their Commercial Representative in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Caterpillar Inc. and its Canadian Dealers Scholarship was established in 1998 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of CIM. Every year, a $2,000 scholarship is awarded to a candidate studying in the field of mining engineering.

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Congratulations to our Scholarship recipients :

2020 . Jean-Nicholas Desbien, Rimouski, QC (Université Laval)
2019 . Ryan Roberts, Quebec, Québec, (Laurentian U.)
2018 . Nicholas Seniuk, Edmonton, Albert, (U. of Alberta)
2017 . Nathaniel Smith, Vancouver, British Columbia (UBC)
2016 . Michael Forsyth, Halifax, Nova Scotia(Dalhousie U.)
2015 . Robert Murray, Vancouver, British Columbia (UBC)
2014 . Nicholas Singer, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Dalhousie U.)
2013 . Pierre-Olivier Richard, Québec, Québec (U. Laval)
2012 . Lindsey Taylor, Toronto, Ontario (Queens U.)
2011 . Alexandre Burelle, Beloeil, Québec (McGill U.) 
2010 . Bradley Lecomte, Houston, British Columbia (UBC)
2009 . Maegan Ayotte, Lively, Ontario (Queen’s U.)
2008 . Katarina Koufos, Montreal, Québec (McGill U.)
2007 . Jonathan Gilbert, Québec, Québec (U. Laval)
2006 . Brendan Lalonde, St. Albert, Alberta (U. of Alberta)
2005 . Thomas Bohdral, Westmount, Québec (McGill U.)
2004 . Jill Le Drew,Toronto, Ontario (U. of British Columbia)
2003 . Sara I. Schabert, Calgary Alberta (U.of Alberta)
2002 . Jason Nickel, Vancouver, British Columbia (U. of British Columbia)
2001 . Paul Lévesque, Sudbury, Ontario (Laurentian University)
2000 . Tim Verlaan, Sudbury, Ontario (Laurentian University)
1999 . Mathieu Gignac, Montreal, Québec (École Polytechnique)
1998 . Manuel Garbin, Vancouver, British Columbia (U. of British Columbia)